"Since the day we brought Eli home, he has been such a blessing. He is very playful and adorable. He listens to commands and is very well trained. He loves going for walks and playing with our other bulldog. He is very friendly and loves people. He has been a great addition to our family for the past almost, year, and I am so glad he is with us. Everyone tells us what a good boy he is and compliments on how well behaved he is. Ray and Kenny were great about letting us see all the puppies and making the decision for ourselves. Eli has been 100% healthy since Day One. I would highly recommend their puppies to anyone looking for a fun, playful, and adorable olde English bulldog puppy."

Breeyen & Joe 
Toms River, NJ




My pretty Girl "Bella" & handsome Boy "Santino" - Pups of Diesel and LuLu Brother and Sister. These are the best dogs we have ever had. Smart, gentle, loyal, we are extremely happy customers

Jeri Kerringan -Bayville,NJ



We are so happy and excited to have our puppy bulldog "Eli" (yes, another Eli!). He has a great personality (sweet and feisty), he's intelligent, SO healthy and has been amazingly easy to train! He is about 3 months old now and knows how to sit, lay down and give a paw shake. He loves to go for walks and to play with our 3 small kids and our golden retriever. He really is a perfect addition to our family and a perfect bulldog. Kennys Kennels is definitely the best!



This is Bunz, everywhere we go people fall in love with him and want to know where we got him so I thought I'd let everyone know we got him at Kennys Kennels in Bayville N.J. We have known the Kenny family for more than 20 years, the most... important thing I can say about them is FAMILY is what they are all about, they are "the give you the shirt off their back" kind of people, there are always children running around their house, dont stop by their home at any meal time unless you are prepared to sit at their family table and eat, you dont become friends with the Kennys you become family. The care and love they give to their puppies is awesome, their puppies are family pets to them and are treated as such, not just anybody can get one of their pups, making sure each and everyone goes to a good loving family is a priority for them. So if your looking for a healthy, happy, and family friendly pet thats great with children and adults, Kennys Kennels is the place to go! We are madly in love with Bunz and so is everyone who meets him!
Jack deaver Bayville , NJ



I’ve had my puppy, Ruckus, for just under a year now. She is one of Jazzabella and Diesel’s pups. I took her home as an adorable puppy and she has grown into a beautiful dog. She has been a wonderful addition to my family. Ruckus is well behaved, perfectly healthy, playful, and extremely affectionate. During the time that I have had Ruckus, I have also had two other dogs in the house – both of whom she has loved playing with and gotten along with perfectly well. Ruckus is friendly towards other people and dogs, and she’s very gentle with children. Friends and family have all fallen in love with Ruckus, as have I (she’s a daddy’s girl!). Being someone who has had extensive experience in the rescue field and has had dogs all of my life, I know that it is rare to find a good breeder. Paul and his family truly care about his dogs and produces quality pets. He has his dogs’ health and well-being as first priority, and for that I commend him. I couldn’t be more pleased with Ruckus, and I can’t wait to make the next addition to my family from Kenny’s Kennels.


Shawn Mccann Toms River, NJ

I had a great experience with the guys at kennyskennels!!! I brought home my baby girl today and she is so sweet and loving :)... Thank you so much!!!!


Julie Reynolds Beachwood , NJ



She has been the most well behaved puppy I’ve ever had, slept through the night after just a few days, never chewed anything and so friendly with people and dogs.  I can walk her off leash when we walk trails and she she’ll never venture farther than 10’ in front or behind me.  I never trained her for that, she just did it from day one. 

 She lights up around other dogs, so I definitely want to get her a brother at some point.  I’ll keep an eye on the upcoming  litters.


Marcus LeRiche

Here are more recent pic's of roxy. She's 7 months. She is awesome & I get nothing but compliment on her beauty. Funny, most people say she look like a girl. So very different from our male that passed. Now i know where the term "bitch" comes from. She is very smart & very bully...don't ask more than twice for a command. She has the most unusual eyes... rim of gold with inner green. They are translucent in the sunlight...beautiful, capitivating. She is very much a puppy & we adore her! So glad we got HER!!!


Donna Ricc


This is Aggie Bay. She is Loved by a Family of 6.She doing Great.Very Obedientand an excellent Family dog. We are pleased with her. THANK YOU!!!

Aaron Stefankiewicz



I have to be honest i had no interst in getting a bulldog of any kind but Kennys Kennels Changed my mind about The breed. I can't walk down the street without people stopping to ask me about her and tell me how Beautiful she is. More importantly her vet is amazed at how healthy she is. She'll be 2 at the end of March and she's a soild 60lbs with a beautiful coat and no health issues. Chaka is very intelligent and easy to train. Her temperament is great, she's very friendly but is also protective even of her big sister who's a 7lb Yorkie. We Love Chaka very much and she couldn't of come from a better Breeder. We recommend Kennys Kennels Always!

-- Mark Breland


Picked up our Puppy and couldn't be more Pleased with the environment the puppy was living in. Family atmosphere, lots of kids amd happy Puppies!


Thomas J Donahue




















































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